2022-2023 Board of Directors

Laura DePaz Cabrera

Executive Vice President Ann Constantine Stoy

Demetrica Tyson

Stephanie Frank

Brittany Olinger

Megan MacPherson

Active Member-at-Large
Audrey Clugston

Lindsay Cornish

Amy Whitaker

Diversity and Inclusion Member-at-Large
Taryn Buckley

2021-22 Management Team

Executive VP

Ann Constantine Stoy

Melissa Zawada

Communications Council VP
Lyndsey Harris

Blaire Wolski

Funding Council VP

Angelina Lewis

Shay Potts

Assistant Finance Council VPBryce Catarelli

Membership Council VP
Laura Morrow

Sustainer VPPaige May

Sustainer VP

Stephanie Esposito

Education & Training Chair
Stacey Lang
JLG Office Administrator
Cecile Sands